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Organizations, Institutes and Associations are independent in character, often linked to others within an Organization with they work as a specialist section in pursuit of common interests. For Horatio this is also the case in our work close with organsiations mentioned in this section.

Horatio Member Organizations

European Mental Health Related Organizations

European Nursing Organizations

  • ESNO - European Specialist Nurses Organizations
  • EFN - European Federation of Nurses Associations

General Health Related Organizations

  • GIP - Global Innitiative Psychiatry
  • MHCommunity - Mental Health Community
  • WHO - The World Health Organization / Mental Health

Intercontinental MHN Organizations

  • CFMHN - Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses
  • APNA - American Psychiatric Nurses Association
  • RPNRC - Registered Psychiatric Nurse Regulators of Canada
  • MHNIG - Mental Health Nurses Interest Group, Ontario, Canada
  • ACMHN - The Australian College of Mental Health Nurses