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Welcome to the Conference "SAFE SETTINGS"

FPS, Faroese Psychiatric Nurses are hosting the conference in collaboration with Horatio, European Psychiatric Nurses
The conference will take place in Tórshavn, the Capital of the Faroe Islands 10-12 May 2018


To work in a mental health setting is both an interesting and important issue. Psychiatric and mental health nurses care for the mental health of the population in Europe and all around the world. The topic "Safe Settings" of the FPS and Horatio Conference is a multidimensional approach. Human beings are complex. Scarcely a living creature is as vulnerable as human beings during the first years of life. For our growth, it is important to experience safety in our living environment. Many people search in their life for safety in an unforgiving environment/setting. Against this backdrop, it is particularly important that we deal with the issue of safety and settings in the psychiatric context. When talking about safety and psychiatry, terms such as closed doors, grids and observation are often mentioned. However, today we know that these concepts have little to do with a safe environment. Rather, it is about safety through relationship and milieu. Relationships and milieu can provide safety for service users as well as the providers of care.    Relationships and milieu can be found in any psychiatric setting and during the congress these aspects will be the focus of interest.  The term 'setting' is not only about inpatient and outpatient areas. In its broadest sense it means a holistic view of any where that may play a part in the life of a person with a mental health challenge. Here are some examples of settings where psychiatric and mental health nurses are working to make safe environments: e.g. schools, work places, communities, psychiatric hospitals, prisons, general hospitals, nursing homes, families, governments, NGO's, etc.

Abstract Safe Settings

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Program Online

How do Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurses provide safe settings in Europe and around the world?
What is safe setting to you?
We invite you to join us, to discuss this topic at the congress, held in the Nordic House, Faroe Islands 10-12th May 2018.

Accreditation points by RCSI  - RCSI Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery


  • Congress fee early bird before 15 January 2018: 475 euro // DKK 3500 
  • Congress fee after 15 January 2018: 545 euro // DKK 4000

Register for the congress here