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Key Note Speaker - Horatio Festival 2017

Key Note Speaker - Dr. Tor Levin Hofgaard

Key Note Speaker - Ms. Stephanie Seanger

Key Note Speaker - Michel Probst

Key Note Speaker - Jon Allen

Key Note Speaker - Prof. Wolfgang Gaebel

Key Note Speaker - Dr. Matt Muijen

Key Note Speaker - Dolores Gauci

Festival Accreditation

Horatio and MAPN are happy to announce that the 4th European Festival of Psychiatric Nursing will be an accredited event for all delegates. The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland will accredit the event with those attending the full festival receiving between 15 -18 Continuing Nursing and Midwifery Educational units. Delegates attending single days will receive units according to the number of hours they attend – one input hour usually equates to one unit. The actual number of units offered for the festival will be calculated closer to the event itself.

So, for those of you needing to attend an event that offers accreditation, here is a great opportunity to come to something special and get your CNME points.

Horatio Fellowship Award
Download [PDF]

If you need the minutes of the board, please contact Secretary General with email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the Spring of 2004 there were many European, International and Global Nursing Organisations. However, when it came to psychiatric nursing, unlike so many other specialist nursing groups, it was clear we lacked not just an Organisation but also a representative voice.

Two psychiatric nurses from Malta and the Netherlands sought the interest of other national psychiatric nursing organisations to start a network. This resulted in a group called the Psychiatric Nursing Work Group (PNWG) that first met October 2005 in Amsterdam.

At that meeting the decision was taken to transform the group into an association and with the name ‘Horatio: European Psychiatric Nurses’. In April 2006 the Association was formally established and in May 2006 the second meeting took place in Prague. The network increased rapidly and currently has membership from most European countries.

Some members are individuals; some are representatives of an International Organisation within the field of psychiatric or mental health nursing or the psychiatric sections in their national nursing associations. We also have institutional memberships, such as libraries or universities. We liaise with organisations beyond Europe as well as mental health groups representing both carers and patients with mental health problems. We are in a collaborative partnership with the other professional mental health representative associations in Europe, coordinated by the WHO.