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The Horatio Expert Panel is a virtual group recruited from both Europe and world-wide. Panel members represent different parts of the psychiatric nursing profession and have a reputation for excellence in their own field.

The panel is divided into seven subgroups: Education; Research, Nursing politics, Practice development, Clinical, Nursing theorists and Forensic. Each subgroup has a lead member who coordinates their work. In addition there are two geographical sections, European and Worldwide.

The panel provides advice and guidance to the Executive Board of Horatio, gives expert information for the construction of Horatio responses to mental health care developments, specifically for the EU Commission and W.H.O., and enables Horatio to input specialist psychiatric nursing material to the European Federation of Nursing (EFN) and Mental Health Europe (MHE). The panel is led by two co-chairs: Dr Roland van de Sande and Prof. Michael Lohr.

In the past the Expert Panel has played a crucial role in developing Horatio position statements, in particular the Turku Declaration. Future initiatives may also see them involved in support of Horatio projects as well as official documents.

Panel Members


Education subgroup   
Mr Amar Voogt (Lead) Netherlands
Dr Merja Nikkoven Finland
Dr Denis Ryan Ireland
Mrs Georgia Georgiou Cyprus
Roland van de Sande (co-chair) Netherlands
Prof. Yasemin Kutlu Turkey
Prof. Michael Lohr (co-chair)
Research subgroup   
Dr Heikki Ellila (Lead) Finland
Dr Susanne Schoppmann Germany
Prof Peter Nolan  England
Prof Patrick Callaghan England
Prof Meijel van Berno Netherlands
Prof Kevin Gournay England
Dr Jari Kylmo Finland
Prof Richard Gray England
Prof Jose Carlos Pereira Santos Portugal
Dr Julie Repper England
Prof. Hulya Bilgin Turkey
Dr Carlo Alberto Camuccio Italy
Nursing Politics Subgroup   
Mrs Georgia Georgiou (Lead) Cyprus
Mr Peter Koopman Netherlands
Ms Renata Gulabic Croatia
Prof Dirk Richter Switzerland
Ms Tunde Tunyi Hungary
Mrs Barbara Mozgan Slovenia
Practice Development subgroup 
Prof Maritta Valimaki (Lead) Finland
Prof Mary Chambers England
Mr Martin Ward Malta
Prof Brendan McCormack Northern Ireland
Dr Anna Björkdahl Sweden
Mr Christophe Casteleyn Belgium
Mrs Diana Polhuis Netherlands
Clinical subgroup   
Prof Pall Beiring (Lead) Iceland
Mrs Reula Luthi Switzerland
Prof Hugh McKenna Northern Ireland
Mr Jonathan Vaughan Switzerland
Ms Nicoleta Candea-Munton Romania
Prof Ingalill Rahm Hallberg Sweden
Mrs Roos Stats Netherlands
Dr Irma Kikkala Finland
Mrs Blanca Navotna Czech Republic
Mrs Evanthia Sakellari Greece
Mrs Silvia Rosado Spain
Dr Martina Dubovcova Slovakia
Prof. Sabine Hahn Switzerland
Nurse Theorists subgroup   
Dr Michael Schulz (Lead) Germany
Dr Ian Needham Switzerland
Forensic subgroup   
Prof Paul Rogers (Lead) Wales
Dr Roger Almvik Norway
Mr Frans Fluttert Netherlands
Mr Sean Payne England